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The structure of work is changing, working remote is happening Now

Ilda Rodriguez

Being able to work remotely brings flexibility to your schedule. But also learning new techniques to work with a team. Some techniques require more of your time and others are just what is needed to make a project work. Getting to know teammates in this new environment is motivating. For most it is new and learning together is the way to reach that goal.

Here are 3 tools to help get a project started:

Slack: Is a collaboration software. It let’s the whole team connect, share files and message in real time. Can be downloaded in any device. Getting to know your teammates is easy. Private message them or use general channels where the whole team can chat. Schedule time to meet or sync google calendar to track events.

CodePen: Is an online code editor that facilitates project building. Helps build, learn and code with HTML, CSS and Javascript. Let’s you code along with a teammate. Save your pens and share them with others. An environment set up for the beginner in coding.

Zoom: Zoom offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. Once a project is under way meeting in a chat room let’s the teammates video chat. Share their screens and add to the project live.

All of the above online collaboration tools can be used asynchronously and allow that project come to life.

About the author
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Ilda Rodriguez
Ilda Rodriguez is a Moms Can Code School student who is training to become a front-end developer. Ilda is inspired by art and design to build responsive and easy to use websites. She is a mother of two and lives with her family in Chicago, Illinois.

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