Getting Organized While Starting a New Path.

Starting something new can often be a daunting task; especially if it involves something drastic like a career change or jumping headfirst into a completely different field. Getting and staying organized can be very beneficial for starting down a new road and reaching your goals at the end of it. Here are some tips for getting organized as you start down a new road in life.

Rose Mathes

Find Something That Works - FOR YOU! There is not an optimal one-size-fits-all-perfect-solution-for-everyone answer. For anything. One person's organizational style may (and probably will) completely throw off another person. If you like charts and tables on Microsoft Excel go for it! If pinning scraps of paper and sticky notes to a cork board on the wall is more your speed that's great! As long as it works for you to keep you organized. If you are already comfortable with one organizational tactic that's one less "new" thing to stress out about on a journey that's already new and exciting. If you are not comfortable with the tactics you have been using try another one for a while and see it works better for you.

Keep it Manageable There are an overwhelming number of different tools and programs to use for any given task. You don't have to familiarize yourself with all of them. Say you have a list of five different programs for the same task. Rather than try to trial and error all of them right out of the gate (an easy way to lose focus on your goal) pick one to use for now. If you like it keep using it, if you don't like it grab the next one off your list and try that one.

Keep at It! It's OK to feel overwhelmed, just keep at it! Even if you have to go through five different programs before you find one you like for the task at hand that's not a bad thing! It shows adaptability and a willingness to try new things, which is very helpful in all areas of life.

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